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Pro Golf South

So, who & what exactly is Pro Golf South?

by Tom Aquino 03 Jan 2019

Hello again, Golfers!

In our first three email editions, we at Pro Golf South were trying to make the point that we respect you, your golf game, and want to help you improve. Along with that improvement, we also want you to have fun with the game, not just sell you something.

So, what exactly is Pro Golf South? While we certainly have an internet presence, Pro Golf South is physically located in our own retail building here in Southern Pines, North Carolina, in the heart of the Sandhills, bordering Pinehurst.

But who exactly are we? Pro Golf South has been in business since 1996. Our President is Scott Shepherd, a PGA Professional since 1989. His brother Greg is Vice-President. These gentlemen are joined by Kim Hand, our lead teaching/fitting Professional and Lifetime Member of the PGA, Kevin M., the retail Store Manager/Club Fitter, and Frank D., retired Army Veteran and teaching/fitting PGA Professional. Additionally, all of these professionals are aided by four Customer Service Representatives, each with solid golf-related backgrounds.

As you can see, we have a world of experience in the game of golf and we're here to help you with the finest equipment possible at the best prices to improve your game. We have all the latest offerings from Bridgestone, Callaway, Cleveland, Cobra/Puma, Mizuno, Ping, Srixon, Sun Mountain, TaylorMade, Titleist/Achusnet, Wilson, Adidas, FootJoy, and Skechers.

Lastly, we want you to have the best-fitting golf clubs possible so you can enjoy the game more. We can customize any set of clubs you want with length, loft, or lie adjustments. There are also a great variety of shafts and grips available to make your game better.

Pro Golf South is “Your Custom Club Specialist” and all it takes is a phone call to 910-725-1145 or an email to us at for personalized assistance with any questions you might have!

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